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Chen Leiba, 30, currently produces music, DJs at Clubs and Weddings. His career began at the age of 12 when he began to create music, and a year after his bar mitzvah The DJ who worked played what he prepared at the event and asked him to prepare edits for him to be used in the future for additional events. Chen agreed that he was excited as a child from the idea and from there he advanced and succeeded At the age of 16 Chen began to record music he produced at parties and received quite a large exposure. now , Chen produces remixes [EDM/Big Room] for the best-known singers in Israel and has won special collaborations with a number of well-known artists who wanted to do something different from the regular stage and approached him to use his knowledge and provide them with the desired result. In addition, Chen is absorbed in clubs in Israel and continues to produce original music in order to reach the world's largest stages.

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